Star Gazing in Ireland

Star Gazing and Night Skies in Connemara

Connemara is home to some of the best Dark Sky places in Ireland where the night sky is most visible. Whether it is the gazing at stars, Northern Lights or shooting stars, Astro Tourism, as this type of tourism is called, tempts hundreds of thousands of people to travel for this purpose to different parts of the world every year. On any clear night why not venture around the gardens of the property and along the shoreline gazebo, where you and your family can gaze at the vastness of the Connemara dark sky.

Summers in Ireland have very short dark periods at night and one can always see the distant light of the decended sun to the northwest and slowly but surely it starts to get brighter with light coming from the north east and eventually the dawn of day begins again. For this reason, the best time to experience star gazing and dark skies in Ireland is from November through to April. With constellations abundant including Orion, the Big Dipper, Ursa Major and Minor, star gazing on a cold, crisp night can be a wonderous thing. 

The Connemara Coast Hotel is fortunate to be located outside of Galway City where there is what is known as good dark sky. 

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